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Waiting Area

Our hospital is wheelchair accessible, as are our washroom facilities. We provide comfortable seating for you, a play area for your children, as well as loads of space for your pets to wait comfortably.

Woodgrove Animal Hospital Waiting Area
Dogs Cats Treats Vet Clinic Nanaimo
Our Canine Patients Favourite Area!

This is our canine patients' favourite spot in the hospital! They scratch at the front door to come in, jump up on the scale, and look directly at the jars of treats on display, waiting for a sample!  From their first visit, we work very hard to make trips to Woodgrove Animal Hospital a fun and enjoyable experience for both you and your pet. We encourage all of our four-legged patients to stop by for a weigh-in and a treat if they are in the area! 

Patient Care

Pharmacy and Lab

Our dedicated in-house pharmacy area, along with twice weekly shipments from our supplier, allow us to fill most common prescriptions as quickly as possible. This area is also used to perform in house testing and prepare samples to be sent to the central diagnostic lab on the mainland.

Pharmacy and Lab Nanaimo Vet Clinic
Cat and Small Dog Cages

Smaller pets, and those requiring closer observation, are kept in our treatment room kennels where we can monitor them easily. They also have non-slip mats and comfortable blankets to make them feel at home. We have another bank of 5 kennels which is not visible in this photograph.

Cat and Small Dog Cages Woodgrove Animal Hospital
Large Dog Area

Our large dog run area is a safe and well ventilated space for your dog to rest while awaiting or recovering from treatment. Each cage has separate drainage and anti-slip mats for good footing. All pets also have a comfortable clean blanket, food, and water when they are allowed and able to eat and drink.

Large Dog Area Nanaimo Vet Clinic
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